About MOMcon

MOMcon is a space to remind moms and MOPS leaders from all around South Africa that they are the most influential people on the planet. It’s a conference for moms to come together, champion motherhood in all its glory, and renew their minds to what matters most. Part mom FUN, part leadership conference, part straight-up CHURCH – you will leave knowing that your motherhood is a catalyst to the plans and purposes God has for your life.


MOMcon is not cancelled and it will be better than ever!

We are hosting our very first MOMcon online.  This year we decided there will be no ticket sales because we know how things have changed during COVID-19, and MOPS South Africa would like to bless every mother, every family with this magnificent virtual experience.

Expect to learn something new

We bring in world-class speakers, teachers,  and all-around world changers to offer something incredible for everyone at MOMcon. Our speakers and workshops are designed around what you care about most, like parenting, marriage, faith, leadership and calling, to name a few. All that to say, bring a pen and prepare to take some serious notes, because you’re going to gain so much knowledge.

Expect a pretty packed schedule

Again, we want to fit as much goodness as we can in our short time together. From main speakers to workshop, don’t worry, we build in some time for you to relax.

Expect to leave different than you came

As you head back to your family, ready to hug those kids much longer than they’d prefer … You’re going to feel different. Probably lighter, more grateful, and more ready to embrace the life you have. See, MOMcon isn’t the end of something, it’s just the beginning. This is the part where you put it all into motion, where your family notices, where you act upon the truth that your motherhood is a catalyst. The best part.

Registration Process:

  1. Register on the “GET ACCESS” link.

  2. We will email you the zoom link and password before the conference.

Easy peazy!
See you there!

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