Why Start a MOPS Group?

Moms in your community need a place to connect with one another and with Jesus. By starting a MOPS group, you’ll create a genuine first-time church experience for moms, and foster an intentional environment for them to build community.

Seven in ten women feel isolated as a mom. Your MOPS group will be an intentional place for them to connect with one another and journey through motherhood together.

MOPS groups are for moms by moms, which means that you don’t need any special requirements as to being a MOPS Leader. If you love Jesus, love people and have a passion to minister to moms, you are so welcome and would love to meet you.

We’ll provide all the training, resources and coaching to help you lead your MOPS group with confidence, so that you focus on what matters most: building relationships with young families and introducing them to Jesus.

MOPS leader, you will recieve:

Online Group Experience Kit

All the materials to run a full year of MOPS group meetings (including video curriculum, meeting plans, leadership training resources, MOPS Kids materials).

Leadership Training

Online training, publicity items, group management tools.

MOPS Coach

Every group has a trained coach for your leaders to receive coaching and encouragement.

Next Steps...

  1. Click the “Start a MOPS group” button and fill out our form. A Mops representative will contact you shortly after to answer any questions you may have.
  2. Identify other moms to serve alongside you.
  3. Register your MOPS group so your leaders gain access to online resources and leadership training.

Ready to Get Started?

Starting a MOPS group at your church means speaking the love of Jesus into the lives of women, children and families for generations to come. We’re honored to join you on this journey. Give us a call or shoot us an email and one of our MOPS representatives will be happy to answer any questions.